Over the last few years, I have discovered there isn’t anything I can’t do, in regards to painting. I have transitioned from “Am I an artist?” to “I’m an artist.” I have worked through “Will I lose my ability?” to “My ability is as much me as my fingerprint.” Pushing past those two fears alone has been magical and transformative. The fire in me to create is white hot. In 2019 I will move from a run, to a full on sprint. I have no map or plan other than to create and face any fears I may have.

The recent opening of The Moore Gallery reflects my inner drive and passion for painting. It is important for me to share my work. I want to move people, to make them feel something. I want to personally see how the viewer reacts to the pieces of me that become my paintings.

Building relationships is important to me. When you purchase one of my pieces, you honor me.