My wife Tammy and I

Chief Sizer awarding me the Police Medal

My family

I was born and raised in Longview Washington by two very creative parents. My mom was a florist and my dad was a welder, pipefitter, millwright. The two of them were always creating.

I wanted to be an artist from the time I came out of the womb. Drawing was an escape for me as a child. It wasn’t something I shared with anyone other than my parents for fear of criticism. Given that I was unwilling to risk criticism, I chose a different career path.  

I worked as a firefighter for 4 years and then as a police officer in Portland Oregon. While working for Portland Police Bureau, I spent my first 6 years on patrol where I became a defensive tactics instructor and a field training officer to help train new recruits. During that time I was awarded the Police Medal for "personal courage and devotion to duty". I worked as a mentor for 3 years at the Boys and Girls Club in NE Portland. I also spent 4 years working in the Child Abuse Unit. At the 11 year mark in 2015, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. That ended my career. At that same time I reconnected with and married my friend Tammy from 20 years prior.  

I had begun painting as a hobby in 2010. After my diagnosis I used painting to cope with the loss of my identity as well as Narcolepsy symptoms I had been experiencing since high school. I began painting 9 years ago but really began full time practice 3 years ago. Since that time, my growth has been dramatic. I am self taught and have just begun sharing my art.

 I have seen people at their very worst and at their very best. This knowledge, empathy and compassion I have for humanity will shape my journey as an artist. Every piece I paint holds my life’s experience...the STORY in ME. I paint at my studio located inside The Moore Gallery in downtown Montesano, Washington.