Painting is more than putting paint on a canvas. It represents things like self doubt, creativity, mindfulness, fear, self acceptance, perseverance and joy. The burden of perfectionism is a heavy one. I learned at an early age that one is to do something right the first time. This way of thinking has limited my creativity. Now the challenge is to rewire my brain. Painting not only helps me manage the symptoms of narcolepsy, it is changing my inner landscape.

I currently paint from photos I take myself. Controlling the creative process from beginning to end is ideal. I am drawn to images in nature, especially flowers. Their curves, vibrant colors that change with light, texture and often times smell, is sensual and compelling. Painting flowers in macro allows me to develop a personal relationship with the subject matter. It is no different than learning a partner. I take the time to see it all... layer by layer. In the end I can truly say, "I see you." My goal is not to paint realism, rather, to capture the essence of the subject. When I can feel the depth of what it offers, the piece is complete. My work is vulnerable and authentic.  

It is my goal to partner with organizations that help victims of child abuse and domestic violence. I am interested in helping to create and fund programs that increase the tools available to police officers. I will also be contributing to Narcolepsy research efforts. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey,